Thursday, May 27, 2010

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang...the k-pop song not the cute buggy song:P

I dare you to try learning this crazy awesome but impossible poppin dance yo. Oh how I wish I could dance like that. The actual dance starts at 30 seconds.


I introduce to you....the phat knit furniture!!!!When shishi and I get our condo we are going to stock it up with this amazing foamy comfy fat furniture^.^ The creator of this jumbo string is Bauke Knottnerus. I don't know if they are even for sale but I'll steal them if I need to. The creation is original, whimsical, and fun^.^. I've always been fascinated by anything object ridiculously larger than normal.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

everlasting simplicity ~ <3

for the first time ~ both parts of lushi are present ~ ! three cheers for food babies !

Fashion post TIME!<3<3<3<3<3<3

Lulu fashion critique : I love this outfit completely and would wear it any day!!!!!!!!You could wear it in the summer with no cardigan, in the fall with a cardigan, in the winter with leggings, and in the spring....well...u get the point....but yeah.^.^The scenery here is soooooo pretty and perfect. Also, the color scheme is very complementary and soft: the dark and light greens, the brown hair, the dark blue cardigan, the ivory faded white, and the black shoes all fit so perfectly. The sideways curled ponytail is very pretty and it fits well with the cute yet simple white soft dress. The blue cardigan also fits so well with the dress in the way it flows down and creates the hourglass shape; a belt would probably actually ruin the outfit. Although the bag fits the photo well, I wouldn't actually use it seperately. Her shoes are cute but they would be cuter as pretty white laced high heels or flats^.^

lulu's critiquing critique: add telephathy and get the gist !

the shishi critique : imagine your'e walking in a cobblestoned forest path with spring breeze and tantilizing sun brushing against you're cheeks. You know you want to meet that special lover boy but would he be waiting for you around the corner? how perfect would this outfit be for this moment? the innocent flowing white dress, snug blue cardigan, and extra tall heels, for that extra boost to get closer to his face of course, are exactly what you need! chyeah. eat my balogna sandwich yo.

the lushi commentary ~ debate : ! >__________<

lulu : Dude this outfit and background and photo are all so perrrrrrrrrrfect.....i give it a 10/10.
shishi has to agree ~ :) hehehe ~ if this was me, it would be a little something like this :: hmm ~ what should i do ? he's coming in a few seconds! stupid butterflies ~ atleast i look good :D
lulu believes that this looks like a "Hmmmmmmm i'm off to school on my first day back walking through the forest path with my loving boyfriend with the sun shining on us and the leaves flowing past us and everyone staring at how cute we are" scenario
shishi : *cough* the scenario by lulu must be lulu and her lover boy *cough* >____<

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The most adorabbbbbbbbble shoes from an awesome website my friend had on her blog^.^

Random Fashion Post of the Day!

Aren't these shoes adorable?!?^.^ The color, the style, and the material together are all something that you don't typically see on the streets or in your school, and its sorta refreshing. I found them on and would definately buy them if i didn't know that as soon as I did my parents would blow up on me.But yeah.....the reason I absolutely love these flats is cause they are completely unique, unlike the normal, boring, plain, patterned, or typical flats that people buy because their old ones died and are sitting among the rotten potatos and week old spinach in the trash. Those shoes scream, "I was bought because a frantic teenage girl rushed into the store, grabbed for the closest, most unoriginal style of flats that she could find, because she needed them for her school performance which she completely forgot about, made sure they were around ten buckaroos, fumbled around for her size, tore the tag off as soon as it was paid for, and ran for the door hopping on one foot trying to slip the shoes on before she even managed to get out of the store, all in 2 minutes." ><>

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mouthwatering graham cracker crumble chocolate cupcake!!!!!!!!!!^.~

These are the first recipes that we experimented with^.~ and they turned out delicious!!!

Graham Cracker Crumble Chocolate CupCakes!!!!!!!!
(We tried the large cupcake pans but decided that in the end, the mini cupcake pans make them bit sFont sizeized morsels of deliciousness that are cuter and easier to eat^.^)

Yummy Ingredients:
makes about 3 to 5 dozen mini cupcakes or 2 to 3 dozen large cupcakes (we sorta experimented so this is just an estimate:P)
Sugar: 1 1/4 cups for the cupcake batter ; 1/8 cup for the graham cracker mixture
All purpose flour: 1 and 3/4 cups
100% dark chocolate cocao powder/ any type of cocoa powder: 3/4 cup and 1 tablespoon
Baking powder and Baking Soda: 1 1/2 teaspoons
Salt: 1 teaspoon
Eggs: 2
Whole Milk: 1 cup
Vegetable oil: 1/2 cup
Pure vanilla extract: 2 teaspoons
Boiling Water: 1 cup
Graham Cracker Crumbs: 2 cups (keep some more on the side just in case you run out^.~; hehehe crushing the graham crackers was so much fun; we put them in a bag, sat on them, rolled on them, and punched them^.^...very fine crumbs:P)
Unsalted/salted butter: 1/3 cup melted
Cupcake liners(the cupcake holders^.~): buy plenty of really cute, shiny, or plain ones

  1. sift sugar, flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, baking soda, and salt together in a large bowl; use a wisk, fork, or mixer to incorporate all the ingredients together
  2. mix together eggs, milk, oil, and vanilla in a seperate large bowl
  3. slowly add the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients; mix well

  4. add the boiling water to the mixture and make sure it is incorporated well
  5. set mixture aside
  6. in a seperate bowl, combine graham cracker crumbs, the 1/8 cup of sugar, and butter (if you don't think there is enough moisture add some vegetable, canola, or olive oil; sorry but you can't subsitute the butter^.^)
  7. line 3 muffin pans with cupcake liners or holders
  8. layer the bottom of the cupcake cup with a good, nice, thick thick thick layer of the graham cracker mixture^.~ and pack it nice and good^.^; make sure you have plenty left to put on top of the cupcake before it goes into the oven

  9. put the muffin pans in the oven, that you preheated to 300 for small cupcakes or 350 for large cupcakes, for about 5 minutes to get the graham cracker nice and golden
  10. pour the cupcake batter into the cupcake liners until it almost reaches the top; make sure there is a good amount of space left to top on the graham cracker mixture. CAUTION:do not line the cupcake tin with raw graham cracker...they float to the top and when they bake they go kaboom and eat up other cupcakes><; that was a test subject...heh^.^' it's the one with batter being pipped into it in the picture below
  11. put remaining graham cracker mixture on top, not leaving any of the batter visible^.^
  12. put the muffin pans in the oven (we did them one pan by one); small cupcakes go in from 12-15 minutes; large cupcakes go in from 18-20 minutes
  13. halfway through the baking process, rotate pans
  14. bake until you think the cupcakes are ready. I highly suggest using a toothpick or wooden skewer to test if they are ready(poke the cupcake with the toothpick right in the middle of the cupcake; if it comes out reasonably clean, it's ready)
  15. once done, remove the cupcakes from the pan onto a cooling rack or plate to not get the cupcake holders to oily or soggy
  16. YAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!delicious cupcake babies done^.~

Dudeeeeeeeee...these mini cupcakes tasted the most delicious...yummy dark chocolaty goodness melting in your mouth in between the crunchy sweetness of the graham cracker mixture^.^yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum

hehe^.^you can top them with frosting or whipped cream or ganache if you want...but my friend doesn't like whipped cream and we were too tired to do anymore cause by the time we finished it was about 4am>.<
poor....poor LittleRock..T.T...he got eaten up by Mt. Everest right there....this is the result of trying to line up the sides with only graham cracker><