Thursday, August 6, 2009

The most adorabbbbbbbbble shoes from an awesome website my friend had on her blog^.^

Random Fashion Post of the Day!

Aren't these shoes adorable?!?^.^ The color, the style, and the material together are all something that you don't typically see on the streets or in your school, and its sorta refreshing. I found them on and would definately buy them if i didn't know that as soon as I did my parents would blow up on me.But yeah.....the reason I absolutely love these flats is cause they are completely unique, unlike the normal, boring, plain, patterned, or typical flats that people buy because their old ones died and are sitting among the rotten potatos and week old spinach in the trash. Those shoes scream, "I was bought because a frantic teenage girl rushed into the store, grabbed for the closest, most unoriginal style of flats that she could find, because she needed them for her school performance which she completely forgot about, made sure they were around ten buckaroos, fumbled around for her size, tore the tag off as soon as it was paid for, and ran for the door hopping on one foot trying to slip the shoes on before she even managed to get out of the store, all in 2 minutes." ><>


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