Saturday, September 5, 2009

everlasting simplicity ~ <3

for the first time ~ both parts of lushi are present ~ ! three cheers for food babies !

Fashion post TIME!<3<3<3<3<3<3

Lulu fashion critique : I love this outfit completely and would wear it any day!!!!!!!!You could wear it in the summer with no cardigan, in the fall with a cardigan, in the winter with leggings, and in the spring....well...u get the point....but yeah.^.^The scenery here is soooooo pretty and perfect. Also, the color scheme is very complementary and soft: the dark and light greens, the brown hair, the dark blue cardigan, the ivory faded white, and the black shoes all fit so perfectly. The sideways curled ponytail is very pretty and it fits well with the cute yet simple white soft dress. The blue cardigan also fits so well with the dress in the way it flows down and creates the hourglass shape; a belt would probably actually ruin the outfit. Although the bag fits the photo well, I wouldn't actually use it seperately. Her shoes are cute but they would be cuter as pretty white laced high heels or flats^.^

lulu's critiquing critique: add telephathy and get the gist !

the shishi critique : imagine your'e walking in a cobblestoned forest path with spring breeze and tantilizing sun brushing against you're cheeks. You know you want to meet that special lover boy but would he be waiting for you around the corner? how perfect would this outfit be for this moment? the innocent flowing white dress, snug blue cardigan, and extra tall heels, for that extra boost to get closer to his face of course, are exactly what you need! chyeah. eat my balogna sandwich yo.

the lushi commentary ~ debate : ! >__________<

lulu : Dude this outfit and background and photo are all so perrrrrrrrrrfect.....i give it a 10/10.
shishi has to agree ~ :) hehehe ~ if this was me, it would be a little something like this :: hmm ~ what should i do ? he's coming in a few seconds! stupid butterflies ~ atleast i look good :D
lulu believes that this looks like a "Hmmmmmmm i'm off to school on my first day back walking through the forest path with my loving boyfriend with the sun shining on us and the leaves flowing past us and everyone staring at how cute we are" scenario
shishi : *cough* the scenario by lulu must be lulu and her lover boy *cough* >____<